Monday, March 26, 2012

Learning Styles

Based on my results from the 'What's Your Learning Style?' quiz, I discovered that I am: 88% Musical. Tips: Listen to music while you learn to make connections between patterns in the song and what you are learning. Create a rhyme song or chant for what you need to memorize. Associate what you are learning to a song you like. Idea: Podcasts and listening to French music. 83% Linguistic. Tips: Listen or write. Tell a story. Memorization. Ideas: This goes well with musical. I should use podcasts and songs to learn. Hopefully this info can help me learn French! Quiz I took: **UPDATE** Bought French songs off iTunes!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Week One!

And the journey begins! Every Friday in Humanities is our time to teach ourselves something new, or work on a project of our own design. Whatever you want to learn, this is your time to learn it! Big companies, such as Google, give their employees 20% of their time to come up with a project of their own design, and execute it! For my 20% I am working towards being able to hold a conversation (using common greetings and phrases) in french. In order to reach my goal, I have checked out library books in learning french, such as 'French Demystified' and 'Painless French'. For my first week I used flash cards to study words and phrases labeled as 'My life' (such as hair color or your name). I hope that I can use podcasts to learn french... Anyone know any good ones? SIGNED EMMA